This line of products is discontinued.  We are still selling some of them while supply last but please check Prices section (below) for availability before ordering.  Check this link for possible metric substitutes.

Bench Plates --Small mounting plates  --  Mounting Posts[1] --Mounting Post Lock Ring -- Post Holders[2] -- Spacer --Right Angle Connector[3]   --Flat and Angle connectors--Bench Plate Clamp[6]

Unlike optomechanical components manufactured by other companies ours are made from non-anodized aluminum.  Electrical resistance between connected non-anodized aluminum parts is very low.  This make our components perfect for use in systems for sensitive electrical measurements.  You do not have to drill holes in or scratch all parts in a complex system to have them electrically connected for proper grounding. We guaranty that when parts are connected mechanically, they are connected electrically.  If you need black non-reflecting surfaces simply apply black spray enamel on the assembled system.

Small breadboard mounting plates.
This 1/8" thick aluminum mounting plates are available in two sizes 3"x5", and 5"x7".  Each have 15 (SP-15)or 35 (SP-35) 6.5 mm diameter holes on a 1" square pattern.

Bench Plates.
Manufactured from high quality aluminum our Bench Plates provide solid base for various configuration of  components.  Each plate have a number of 1/4" (6.25 mm) threaded holes on a square pattern with 1" (25.4 mm) distance between centers and 1" from sides of the plate. Similar metric plates (25 mm square pattern, M6x1.0 thread) can be manufactured at your request.
Part #  Length Width Thickness # of holes
BP 8-12 12" 8" 1/4" 77
BP 16-12 16" 12" 1/4" 165
BP-24-12 24" 12" 3/8" 253

Mounting Posts [1].
These lightweight durable mounting posts mounts directly, or with Post Holder to any standard optical table/bench plate using ¼-20 tpi threaded set screw.  Aluminum.
Part # MP-50 MP-100  MP-150
Length  (mm) 50 100 150
Weight (g) 20 35 50

Mounting Post Lock Ring
This aluminum lock ring fits all 1/2" diameter mounting posts.  When ring is locked, the post can be rotated in the post holder without readjusting height.  1/4-20 tpi thumb screw included.
Part #: PLR-1

Post Holders [2]
These post holders accept any standard 0.5" (12.6 mm) diameter mounting posts. Aluminum. Lock screw for post height ajustment and Allen screw for mounting to an optical plate are included.
Part #  PH-50 PH-100 PH-150
Height (mm) 50 100 150
Weight (g) 65 110 170

This simple component is a useful addition to a family of 1/2" diameter mounting hardware.  It is actually a thick wall aluminum tube that can be used as 25 mm high mounting post or as whatever you can imagine.
Part #: S-25

Right Angle Connector [3]
This connector is used for 90 degree mounting of standard 0.5" mounting posts.  1/4-20 tpi thumb screws are included.  Aluminum. Part#: RAC-05.

Bench Plate Clamp [6]
This clamp allow to position any base mounted component anywhere on an optical table or bench plate.  Extra heavy duty design; milled from steel. Black finish. Part#: BC-75.

Flat and Angle connectors.
These simple but useful parts complement our line of optical bench products. Available in different lengthes.  Each connector have a number of 7 mm diameter holes 1 inch apart.  (FC-1 & AC-1 have one additional D-6.5 mm hole in the middle).  Aluminum.

Flat Connector.
Part # FC-2 FC-3 FC-6 FC-6A
Number of holes 3 3 6 6
Length inches  2 3 6 6
Width & Thickness 3/4"x1/8" 3/4"x1/8" 3/4"x1/8" 1" x 1/4"

Angle Connector
Part # AC-2 AC-3 AC-6
Number of holes 5 6 12
Length inches  2 3 6

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