Liposome detector

When liposome separation from the buffer used in preparation is required, the most critical step is "catching" almost invisible liposome fraction coming out of the separation column.  We have developed a simple device that allows an easy detection of liposomes using light scattering.  It consist of the remote optical sensor and compact, battery powered controller.  Sensor attaches to a standard separation column using Luer connector.  Controller output (BNC) has to be connected to chart recorder or to computer digitizer input for continous monitoring of the solution turbidity.  If none of those is available, DM-312 with BAB-3** adapter cable or any other digital multimeter may be used.

Part # FLS-1

Sensitivity          >100 mV/(mg/ml)*
    Sensor           4x2x2 cm
    Controller      13x6.5x2.5 cm
Power                9V Battery

* - for ~100 nm diameter extruded liposomes.
** -Adapter cable is required for interconnecting FLS-1 BNC output to "banana" type multimeter input.

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