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Since it was confirmed that Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) of live cells have a number beneficial effects, markets become crowded with a variety of products that claim to be cure for a surprisingly wide rage of medical conditions.  We do not claim to be medical experts but are familiar with biomedical methods, equipment and literature.  We did Medline publication search, and found several serious studies that confirm positive effect of red laser irradiation for two medical conditions: wound healing and hair re-growth (for certain forms of hair loss).  A long list of other diseases for which LLLT is recommended in popular literature includes Radiculitis, Osteochondrosis, Arthritis, Muscle and ligament strains, Acne,  Dermatitis, Diabetic ulcers, Herpes, Psoriasis, etc.  Please do your own Internet research on the subject before spending money on LLLT devices.  Thousands papers have been published on the scientific studies of LLLT. A good place to start may be  Do not skip this part, laser light is not a cure for every medical problem and individual response for treatment is also variable. We are in equipment manufacturing business and can't promise that your problem will be solved by our device.  We can only promise that the device you get incorporates years of our expertise in biophysics, optics and electronics.  Our philosophy for consumer products is same as for research lab equipment: make it simple, reliable and with best possible quality to price ratio.  If you are looking for fancy packaging, glossy manuals, extra red or blue LEDs with no proven health effect or nice looking digital displays with proven price increasing effect - our apology for the time you lost here.  Otherwise, Welcome to Eastern Scientific LLLT devices page.  Like all our products, LLLT devices are covered by 30 days unconditional money back guaranty and 18 month warranty on parts and labor (please visit for details on warranty and ordering).  

Laser Combs



Laser Comb photo therapy devices are designed for the general public to use at home. It is  just a bit heavier than a regular hair comb.  Anodized aluminum handle contains batteries and has pushbutton switch at the end.  Comb body, machined from acrylic plastic, contain an array of defocused (for wider area coverage and safety)* red laser modules.  Ultra low-dropout CMOS voltage regulator IC is used to ensure same stable laser power up to complete batteries discharge.  Like a regular comb it has semi flexible bristles for better feeling compared to solid plastic rods used by some other manufacturers.  Batteries are installed and a brief manual is included.

* Normally diode lasers produce highly collimated beam that can irritate or permanently damage eye retina in a fraction of second.  Defocusing make wider angle beam that have practically full intensity at 2-3 cm distance from the laser head but roughly 100 times lower intensity at 25 cm distance.  While it is much safer than regular laser, caution it still required.  Never point laser to your or somebody's face or to reflective surfaces. 



Part # 



Number of laser modules



Peak wave length

635-670 nm

635-670 nm

Output power (total) 

25 mW

40 mW




Total work time on one set of batteries**

 ~ 4 hr

 ~ 3 hr


~90 g (3 oz)

~100 g (3.3 oz)


18 cm (7") long, 2.5 cm (1") diameter, 1.5 cm (5/8") bristles 


** - Estimated for average 500 mAh battery.  Depending on manufacturer, zinc/carbon or alkaline batteries have capacity in range 250-1200 mAh.

LC-5B require two AAA size zinc/carbon or alkaline batteries. LC-8A has improved electronics that ensure constant laser power over the batteries lifespan 

and allow usage of  any type batteries including NiCd/NiMH rechargeable.  Three AAA size elements are required.





Therapeutic Lasers





Red lasers have been used for therapeutic treatments of wounds,  pain relief, certain skin conditions and other disorders (see our introduction above).  We have created a range of affordable devices, from compact, battery powered, to a versatile, table top unit.  All models are easy to use, reliable and we hope you will like them.

LT-4/LT-7 models have construction similar to a Laser Comb.  Anodized aluminum body with batteries and pushbutton switch at one end and PVC plastic head with four defocused lasers on the other end.  Both models work with AAA size batteries.  LT-4 is the basic and most affordable model for those who are not sure that laser therapy is beneficial for they conditions but wish to try it.  It is shipped with adapter for one set of two AAA size  batteries.  Three AAA batteries are required for LT-7A.  One set is sufficient for about 15-25 treatment sessions ten minutes each*.  LT-4L/LT-7L modifications are very similar but with internal circuits redesigned for use of high capacity non-rechargeable Lithium batteries.  These batteries last longer than AAA, less prone to leaks and easier to replace.  Batteries are installed and a brief manual is included.

LT-9AC model does not require batteries and has unlimited work time since it powered by AC/DC wall transformer.  It has metal handle and black plastic head with nine defocused lasers and pushbutton On/Off switch.  

LT-23 unit is more powerful and also includes a miniature single laser unit (5 mW) for spot treatment of lips (herpes+), ear (tinnitus+) or other conditions that may require a compact probe to access treatment area.  It is powered by internal high capacity NiMh battery and includes charger.

+  -->



Part # 







Number of laser modules





Peak wave length

630-680 nm

650 nm

650 nm

650 nm

Laser output power 

(Max. total) 

20 mW

35 mW

45 mW

115 mW

Total work time on one set of batteries

 ~ 4* hr

~ 10* hr

 ~ 2.5* hr

~ 6* hr


 ~ 1** hr


60 g (~ 2 oz)

90 g (~ 3 oz)

90/150 g =~ 3/5 oz


200 g (~ 7 oz)


10 cm (4") long, 2.5 cm (1") diameter 

13 cm (5") long, 2.5-3.5 cm (1-1.25") diameter 

Head: 4 cm (1.75") diameter 

x 6 cm (2.25") long

 Head+Handle: 13 cm (7") long 

12x7x2.5 cm (4.5x2.5x1") 


* - Estimated for an average alkaline (or Lithium) battery.  Depending on manufacturer: zinc/carbon or alkaline batteries 

have capacity range 250-1200 mAh.  123 type Lithium batteries have capacity range 1-1.6 Ah

** For freshly charged internal rechargeable batteries

LT-4 model is optimized for zinc/carbon or alkaline batteries.  LT-7A has advanced voltage control circuit and work at top performance with 

any type batteries including NiCd/NiMH rechargeable  batteries.  Three  elements are required. "L" modifications use only one 123 type Lithium battery. 




LIT-1220 is AC powered machine that allow you to forget about batteries charging or replacement.  LIT-1220 is similar to earlier LIT-820 model but has more lasers, improved design and easier to operate. It consist of a table top control unit and remote head that has twelve red laser modules and quartz lamp for infra red (IR) heat treatment.  Control unit allows an independent selection of optimal treatment parameters for IR and Laser light.  Lasers can be set to work continuously at maximum power or to pulsed mode with variable pulse frequency.  In pulsed mode, average laser power is lower than in continuous but much higher during the pulse, providing deeper penetration of light into tissue.  Pulse frequency is variable and lays within the  physiologically responsive range as described in literature.  Laser light treatment can be combined with IR.   IR lamp has variable power output in continuous or in two low frequency pulsed modes.  Detachable ten inch long handle is included for more convenient treatment of hard to reach body parts (back, foot). Also included is a miniature single laser unit (5 mW) for spot treatment of lips (herpes+), ear (tinnitus+) or other conditions that may require a compact probe to access treatment area. 

To see short video demonstration please visit:



Number of laser modules


Peak wave length

650 nm

Laser output power  

(Max. total)

60 mW - Continuous mode; 45 mW - average, 

160 mW peak in pulsed mode.

Laser pulsed mode frequency range 6-30 Hz
IR Lamp output power.

1-15 W - in Continuous mode

 1-13 W - average, 15 W peak in pulsed mode

IR Pulsed mode frequencies  1 & 2 Hz


1.7 kg (4 lb)



22 cm x 28 cm x 8 cm

(9" x 11" x 3")




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