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Lamp Housings.
          A mercury arc lamp is the best light source for a variety of applications.  We offer two models of research grade lamp housings that are suitable for several lamp types.  Both housing has high efficiency optical system for light collection that consist of a 25 or 50 mm diameter condenser lens and a matching first surface mirror reflector.  Condenser, reflector and lamp position are adjustable for optimal illumination. Housings can be easily fixed on any optical table using BC-75 bench plate clamps, installed on a MP series mounting posts using 1/4-20 tpi threaded holes in the housing base, or placed anywere using optional adjustable height legs that can be easily attached.
Standard configuration includes HBO-100 mounting hardware, glass condensor lenses and aluminum reflector (part # LH-100BS, or LH200S) .  If nessesary you can buy housing without lens and mirror  (part # LH-100B, or LH200) and customize it with optional components: fused silica condenser lenses (transmit up to 200nm UV), gold coated mirror (improves deep red/IR reflection) and other parts from the table below.  LH-100B lamp housing (pictured on the left, with legs attached) have compact body and suitable for HBO-100, HBO-50, XBO-75 or for less expensive quartz halogen lamps*. LH-200 lamp housing is similar but made bigger to allow installation of more powerful arc lamps.   This housing is suitable for arc lamps with up to 50 mm arc to bottom length, and up to 145 mm overall length.  Such lamp include 200 Watt Hg, 150 Watt Xe and all smaller lamps like HBO-100, HBO-50, XBO-75 or less expensive quartz halogen lamps.  Both housings have inner threaded (M25x1 or M50x1) front part of condenser tube and matching threaded ring for mounting of additional optical elements (filters, lenses, light guide attachments).
LH-100BS LH-200S
Condensor Lens (Glass) D-25, f-38 mm (GL-25-38**) D-50, f-44 mm (GL-50-44)
Reflector (coated aluminum) D-25, f-10 mm (AR-25-10) D-50, f-25 mm (AR-50-25)
Body Dimensions H-135 x L-80 x W-90 mm H-195 x L-110 x W-110 mm

LH-100B LH-200
Condensor Lens (Fused Silica) D-25, f-38 mm (SL-25-38) D-50, f-75 mm (SL-50-75)
Reflector (coated gold) D-25, f-10 mm (GR-25-10) D-50, f-25 mm (GR-50-25)
 Quartz halogen lamp adapter QLA-100 QLA-200
Adjustable legs L-100 L-200
Light Guide Attachment LGT-25 LGT-50
150 sm long (5') Connecting wires (Same as included with PS-100 power supply) TB-5 TB-5
* Regular 50-100W quartz halogen lamps can be easily installed in HBO-100 adapter using QLA-100 (for LH-100B) or QLA-200 (for LH-200) adapter kits.
** - First two digits in the part number is the diameter, other two - focal length. Standard options that we normally have in stock are glass lenses and coated aluminum mirrors.  UV, IR optional elements are third party products that need to be ordered, and may cause delays in the order delivery.  Standard UV lenses are uncoated, anti reflection coating add 25% to the lens price.

Light Guide Attachments.
These attachments converts lamp housings into a high efficiency fiber optic illuminators.  Mounted directly to threaded lamp housing condenser tube they can be installed/removed in seconds.  While in some cases an adequate illumination can be achived without any additional optical elements, high intensity illumination require lens installation.  This lens should be of the same type (or at least same diameter) as the one in the housing condenser.  Light focusing lens, direct light onto a light guide, centered and fixed in a matching adapter.  Two models currently available LGT-25 (left), and LGT-50 (right), are designed to work with LH-100 and LH-200 model lamp housings respectively. LGT-25 attachment has adapters for 4.75 mm (0.187") and for 7.93 mm (0.312") diameter light guides LGA-5-1, LGA-8-1. LGT-50 attachment can also be used with 14.3 mm (0.562") diameter light guides as well as with above mentioned light guides using LGA-5-2,LGA-8-2 or LGA-14-2 adapters.
Light guides are not included.

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