Fiber Optic Light Source

The FL-35 is a low cost fiber optic light source featuring all major features of a high end units.  It has compact body, long lamp life, three discrete levels of lamp power (approx. 50, 75, 100% of maximum) and a diaphragm for continuous adjustment of light output with fixed color temperature.  Linear power regulation and convection cooling eliminate high frequency electromagnetic noise and mechanical vibrations, allowing FL-35 usage next to a sensitive signal amplifiers.  It is lightweight, compact and simple to operate.   Light output port can accept light guide adapters up to 13 mm (~1/2") in diameter.  Adapter for commonly used 3 mm (1/8") light guide is included (light guide not included).
Part Number: FL-35 (110-127V version) only, FL35E (220-240 V version)
FL-35 Replacement Lamp Part Number: QL-35
FL35E Replacement Lamp Part Number: QL-35E

Lamp:  35 VA, 120 V quarts halogen lamp with integrated reflector
Light output port diameter:  13 mm
Power: 120 V AC.
Dimensions:15x9x12 cm (6"x3.5"x5")
Weight 0.75 kg (1.6 lb)

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