MS-24 lighting/stirring unit for BLM rigs combines battery powered magnetic stirrer and LED light source. It is designed for placement inside of Faraday cage, thus eliminating not only all external sources of electromagnetic interference that may enter cage trough outside wires but also noises associated with AC plugged power supply.   It includes: lighting/stirring controller, power supply module, RH-12M stirrer motor, and red LED light source.  Controller may be attached to one of  Faraday cage walls, with switches and potentiometers accessible from outside; necessary hardware and an extra faceplate is included.  One set of an average AA batteries is sufficient for about eight hours of stirring or 50 hours of BLM illumination.


MD-1C mini dish for BCH-1 BLM chamber is similar to MD-1 but has smaller (D8 mm) glass window that is less prone for breaking than 25 mm diameter glass in a standard BCH-1.

Dish body is printed from ABC plastic and coated with chemically inert silicone rubber polymer.  The full circle support edge provide better stability when assembled cell is installed into a holder.


LIT-1220 is a new arrival to our Consumer Products family. It is AC powered machine that allow you to forget about batteries charging or replacement.  LIT-1220 is similar to earlier LIT-820 model but has more lasers, improved design and easier to operate. It consist of a table top control unit and remote head that has twelve red laser modules and quartz lamp for infra red (IR) heat treatment.  Control unit allows an independent selection of optimal treatment parameters for IR and Laser light.  Lasers can be set to work continuously at maximum power or to pulsed mode with variable pulse frequency.  In pulsed mode, average laser power is lower than in continuous but much higher during the pulse, providing deeper penetration of light into tissue.  Pulse frequency is variable and lays within the  physiologically responsive range as described in literature.  Laser light treatment can be combined with IR.   IR lamp has variable power output in continuous or in two low frequency pulsed modes.  Detachable ten inch long handle is included for more convenient treatment of hard to reach body parts (back, foot). Also included is a miniature single laser unit (5 mW) for spot treatment of lips (herpes+), ear (tinnitus+) or other conditions that may require a compact probe to access treatment area. 

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Number of laser modules


Peak wave length

650 nm

Laser output power  

(Max. total)

60 mW - Continuous mode; 45 mW - average, 

160 mW peak in pulsed mode.

Laser pulsed mode frequency range 6-30 Hz
IR Lamp output power.

1-15 W - in Continuous mode

 1-13 W - average, 15 W peak in pulsed mode

IR Pulsed mode frequencies  1 & 2 Hz


1.7 kg (4 lb)



22 cm x 28 cm x 8 cm

(9" x 11" x 3")



Holes in TF-XX series partitions are made in  0.01-0.013 mm Teflon film and have up to five time smaller size than holes we were able to make earlier.   They are perfect for low noise single channel recordings or other applications that benefit form low membrane capacitance and small area of the hole.  Holes are made in the middle of ~20 mm square Teflon film. Image above left show a typical TF-30 hole in 0.013 mm Teflon with trans- illumination; image in the middle is of a typical TF-12 hole in 0.01 mm Teflon with epi- illumination; right image show 0.01mm/division scale.   For a limited time these partitions are offered at a low introductory price.  (  Go To Prices )

PART NUMBER Hole Diameter, mm
TF-12 0.008-0.016*
TF-30 0.025-0.035
TF-50 0.04-0.06

* - For this size range deviations from the ideal circle may be significant. 

For prices please use links provided at the end of  regular product pages.

* Due to small volume production and continuous improvement of our products dimensions and some nonessential parameters may slightly differ from stated here.

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