Holes in TF-XX series partitions are made in  0.01-0.013 mm Teflon film and have up to five time smaller size than holes we were able to make earlier.   They are perfect for low noise single channel recordings or other applications that benefit form low membrane capacitance and small area of the hole.  Holes are made in the middle of ~20 mm square Teflon film. Image above left show a typical TF-30 hole in 0.013 mm Teflon with trans- illumination; image in the middle is of a typical TF-12 hole in 0.01 mm Teflon with epi- illumination; right image show 0.01mm/division scale.   For a limited time these partitions are offered at a low introductory price.  (  Go To Prices )

PART NUMBER Hole Diameter, mm
TF-12 0.008-0.016*
TF-30 0.025-0.035
TF-50 0.04-0.06

* - For this size range deviations from the ideal circle may be significant. 


BCH-2 chamber is designed for high resolution imaging of horizontal BLMs.  It consists of a Teflon cup with outer thread and black Delrin body with matching inner thread.  Bottom of the body is made from #1.5 cover slip.  It has two 3 mm holes for attaching to microscope specimen table and two 6 mm diameter wells for electrode placement and perfusion; fluid in these wells is connected to fluid at trans side BLM via channels milled in Delrin.  BLM is formed with cup screwed into the body about 0.5-1 mm from the bottom.  After that cup can be  smoothly moved down under visual control of membrane.   Pipette transfer of some fluid from wells in the body into the cup will keep hydrostatic pressure at balance.  When membrane is placed within 0.05-0.1 mm from glass bottom, a high NA oil objective can be used for imaging.

Material: Body - Black Delrin  D-38, h-8 mm; Cup - Teflon  OD15, ID13, h - 10 mm;


ORB-1 Orbital Shaker is designed for a wide range of applications, including gel staining/de-staining, cell cultures and general mixing. It provide reproducible motion that is evenly distributed through the platform's entire surface.  Shaker has relatively small bench footprint but tray is still sufficient for most gel staining application or for up to four 100 mm diameter Petri dishes.  Tray is covered with a nonskid rubber coating that prevent load from shifting.  While, in most cases ORB-1, can do same job as much more expensive units, you do not have to drain one-three thousands from the lab budget, price for this unit is set to just under $200.* To see video of how it work, please visit



80-400 rpm**
Orbit Size 11 mm (~1/2")

Maximum Load 

1 kg (2.2 lb)


 AC 120-240V, <3 Watt

Dimensions w. out platform

27 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm;  ( 10.5" x 8" x 2")

Platform Dimensions

24x24 cm; (9.5" x 9.5")


1.8 kg (4 lb)

*- Special discount price for new product.  Will last as long as you see it marked "New", usually 1-3 month from the date of initial release.

** - with optimal load ~200-300g. 


Fraction Collector
Surprised by popularity of our first model (FC-2405) we added a new one to the family.  FC-2420 Fraction Collector is designed to work with different rotors for 0.5, 1.5 and 2 ml vials, and like the first one can be used for liposome separation from untrapped compounds or in other applications that require small volume fractioning.  Rotors can be changed in seconds without any tools.  The unit is compact, inexpensive and simple to operate.  It has three modes of operation: Automatic, when rotor is moved one step at a given period of time; Manual, when movement controlled by the front panel pushbutton switch; and External, when device is connected to a command source trough the input on a rear panel.  Alternatively, same connector may be used as a source of synchronization pulse for binding vial position to an elution profile.  An optional accessory kit, consisting of a mounting post and column holder can be attached to the fraction collector body instead of commonly used bulky lab stands.

Part # FC-2420

Capacity                               24 or 48 vials (depends on rotor attached) 
Step delay in Auto mode       8-90 s 
Manual or external step        1s minimum, no maximum
In/Out pulses                        Compatible with standard 5V TTL logic.
    Base                                15x10x5 cm (6" x 4" x 2")
    Rotor                               10x3 cm (4" x 2-1/4")
Power                                  12V DC Wall transformer (included).    



Part #  R-2405  R-4805 R-2425
Capacity 24 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf snap cap vials 48 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf snap cap vials 24 x 1.5 or 2 ml 
24 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf vials
Dimensions  D-10cm, h-1 cm: (D-4", h-3/8") D-13cm, h-1 cm: (D-5", h-3/8") D-15cm, h-3 mm: (D-6", h-1/8")

Accessory kit

Part # FC-24A

* Due to small volume production and continuous improvement of our products dimensions and some nonessential parameters may slightly differ from stated here.

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