BVS-1130SA is not just another BLM rig but the complete system that includes everything necessary for starting experiments in shortest possible time. It is based on our bestselling BVS-130 compact design but includes a video monitor and battery powered magnetic stirrer. It is also integrated with a revolutionary anti-vibration system. The latter two improvements make BVS-1130SA the best choice for low-noise recordings: electrical interference is minimized by the absence of wires (except for a headstage) that enter Faraday cage and suspended in air platform provide an excellent vibration-insulation.  When you need a stable base to prepare system for an experiment, simply turn two handles and Faraday cage will rest on a solid support. And a little extra bonus: video monitor also has a pair of speakers for streaming music from any source using Bluetooth, 3.5 mm or RCA connections.  


BVS-1130SA  includes the following components:
1. 8"x12"x6" aluminum Faraday cage covered with black polymer film inside and golden outside.

2. Anti-vibration system
3. Video microscope with 4X, 0.1 NA achromatic lens, B/W camera and video monitor.
3. Illumination system consisting of a LED light source and mounting hardware.
4. Mounting hardware for HS-2 amplifier headstage or for two EAG electrodes (in case you plan to use a different amplifier).
5. BLM cell positioner with holder for BC-31cell.

6. BC-31cell 

7. TPS-5 set of 5 Teflon partitions

8. Magnetic stirrer with solid state motor (Four AA batteries included).

9. Mounting hardware and  two 3 ml syringes (with tubing; used for making Montal-Mueller, "solvent free" membranes).

10. GMP-5 micropipette  (for making Mueller-Rudin membranes).

11. Two EAG-02 silver wire electrodes.

12. SB-1 Electrode storage container.

13. Objective protective cover

14. Mini wrench (for adjusting the base plate level)

PS Similar  system based on larger, BVS-138 Faraday cage (H-28 x W-28 x L-38 cm or 11" x 11" x 15") is also available.  For those who have and plan to use a standard air table we offer BVS-1130A / BVS-1138A rigs that is identical to BVS-1130/38SA but do not include anti vibration components and cost less.


Photos below illustrate vibration suppression achieved with BVS-1130SA anti-vibration system. A jar with ~900 ml of water was placed atop of the aluminum base plate and a small amount of red toner spread on the surface for better visibility. Vibration was induced by a motor attached to the supporting plastic base.  Both images were taken with vibration motor turned on but in the left image aluminum base rest on a solid support and in the right image it is hanging on eight elastic strings.  A comparison of measured values of BVS-1130A anti-vibration parameters to air filled VIS-4/4S also demonstrate superiority of the new system over the old one. A short video of this test is here:





Compression module, vertical (mm/N)

(0.6+/-0.07 for "S")

0.7 +/- 0.06

Compression module, horizontal (mm/N)

1 +/- 0.1



We have designed and tested the series of revolutionary cells for BLM experiments that eliminate need for the messy and time consuming procedure of partition mounting over the layer of Vaseline or silicon grease. Those cells are similar to our standard BC-30 and BCH-1, milled from Teflon cells but instead printed in 3D printer from a rigid ABS polymer. Unlike Teflon that do not adhere well to any glue, ABS plastic can hold a soft silicone rubber ring that seals Teflon partition without need for a grease. With this design the partition mounting or replacement take couple of minuter instead of hours.



 BCH-3 cell is a grease-less version of BCH-1 for working with horizontal lipid blayers.  Since the rubber ring has to be pressed to Teflon film to provide the leak free sealing, this cell includes aluminum base and movable arms that hold upper and lower parts together when assembled.


BC-31W cell is for those who are still using BLM chambers from Warner Instruments.  BC-31W cell (right) has same dimensions for width, height and mounting holes as Warner chamber (left), so it could be installed without any adjustments in an existing BLM workstation.  Main advantage - price and use of the easy to replace Teflon partitions instead of  Delrin or Polystyrene cuvettes.

New cells were tested side by side with the similar standard cells. Noise and capacitance were same within measurements error. 


Cell parameters

C, pF

Noise 1kHz, mV

Noise 5 kHz, mV


25 um


50 +/-2




53 +/-2




125 um


16 +/-1




17 +/-1



Experimental: BC-31 vs BC-30 cell. Partitions without holes, Teflon film 25 or 125 um thick.

Cells filled with 100 mM KCl, ~2 mm below top. PA-300B amplifier 

with HS-2 headstage. Range - 1 pA/mV, bandwidth limited 

at 1 or 5 kHz. Leak current not detectable. Scope scale 5 mV/div.

All new products are extensively tested by ES quality control.  However, we do not know how these products will behave in a real laboratory environement over a long period of use. For this reason, prices on new products are low and standard 18 month warranty does not apply.  ES will issue full cost credit (not including S/H charges) toward future purcheses to buyers who are not satisfied with product performance and return it within 90 days. 

To see prices please use links provided at the end of  the regular product pages.

* Due to small volume production and continuous improvement of our products dimensions and some nonessential parameters may slightly differ from stated here.

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