Mini Rotary Evaporator.    

A common task in liposome preparation or with planar bilayer technique is the removal of solvent from lipid solution.  Usually volumes are small but most researchers use standard rotary evaporators that cost thousands and take a lot of a valuable lab bench space.  We offer device that cost a fraction of a standard evaporator cost, and takes several times less space.  Our rotary evaporator consist of a slow speed magnetic stirrer (MS-30) and a glass jar that have magnetic rotor with holder for two standard 4 ml vials (shown above right.  If necessary you can attach two more vials using a rubber band).  Jar lid has connectors for vacuum* and inert gas tubes and an well for the heater** .  Altogether system is mounted on a platform that can be tilted to select required extent of lipid film spread over the vial walls.   Part # MRE-1


Overall Dimensions:        115x280x 200 mm (4.5x11x7.5")
Platform Tilt                  10-90 grd.
Maximum Volume:         2 x 4 ml
Speed:                           30 rpm
Power:                          120 or 240V AC

An optional Rotor Warmer (Part # RW-1) consist of a cylindrical heating element that can be inserted in the jar lid, current controller (both are shown in the picture) and a wall transformer (not shown).  It increases rotor temperature 20-30oC above the room temperature and significantly reduces time required to evaporate solvent.

* If vacuum line is not available we recommend aspirator type vacuum water pump (Part # NVP-1). This polypropylene pump has maximum air pumping capacity of 11.5 liter/min.,  will operate efficiently with water pressure as low as 0.5 bar, and generate max. vacuum of 724 mm Hg.  The integral check valve eliminate vacuum loss after water shut off.
** Elevated temperature and flow of argon or nitrogen significantly increase evaporation of chloroform and other solvents compared to  vacuum only.
Tubing not included.  5 mm (3/16") ID, 8 mm (5/16") OD Tygon tubes will fit both Ar/N and vacuum connectors.

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Due to small volume production and continuous improvements, images here may be a bit different from currently available products. 

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