Fraction Collectors


FC-24XX Fraction Collectors are designed to facilitate liposome separation from untrapped compounds but may be used in other applications that require small volume fractioning.  Both models are compact, inexpensive and simple to operate.  It has three modes of operation: Automatic, when rotor is moved one step at a given period of time; Manual, when movement controlled by the front panel pushbutton switch; and External, when device is connected to a command source trough the input on the rear panel.  (Same connector may be used as a source of synchronization pulse for binding a tube position to an elution profile.)  FC-2420 is similar to FC-2405 model but capable to work with different rotors for 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2 ml vials.  Rotors can be changed in seconds without any tools.  Both models are powered from AC/DC wall transformer (included). 



Part #  FC-2405A FC-2420
Compatible Rotors      R-2405  R-2405, R-4805, R-2425
Step delay in Auto mode 5-60 s 8-90 s
Manual or external step delay 1s minimum, no maximum 1s minimum, no maximum
Base  Dimensions     15x10x5 cm (6" x 4" x 2") 15x10x5 cm (6" x 4" x 2")
Power  9V DC  12V DC 
In/Out pulses  Compatible with standard 5V TTL logic. Compatible with standard 5V TTL logic.





Part #  R-2405  R-4805 R-2425
Capacity 24 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf snap cap vials 48 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf snap cap vials 24 x 1.5 or 2 ml 
24 x 0.5 ml Eppendorf vials
Dimensions  D-10cm, h-1 cm: (D-4", h-3/8") D-13cm, h-1 cm: (D-5", h-3/8") D-15cm, h-3 mm: (D-6", h-1/8")

Accessory kit

An optional accessory kit, consisting of a mounting post and holder for a separation column can be attached to a fraction collector instead of commonly used bulky lab stands.

Part # FC-24A

* Due to small volume production and continuous improvement of our products dimensions and some nonessential parameters may slightly differ from stated here.

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