Freeze-Thaw Cycler

FTC-4A unit is the automated device for freeze-thaw cycling of lipid suspension in liposome preparation protocol.  In addition it can be used as a table top cooler for convenient storage of small samples right on a work bench.  FTC-4 consist of two parts: electronic timer/current controller and thermoelectric cooler connected to the controller by ~1 m (~3.5 feet) cable.  Thermoelectric cooler consist of four well sample chamber, milled from chemically inert Teflon, and placed on top of a Peltier heat pump, aluminum heatsink and cooling fan.  While FTC-4A is capable for freeze-thaw cycling of small samples at normal room temperature, it works faster and with larger samples in cold room environment +4-6 oC.  If cold room is not available,  thermoelectric cooler can be placed inside a regular refrigerator for improved efficiency.

Number of sample wells      4
Well capacity                      2 ml
Cool time                           3-15 min
Warm time                         2-7 min
Output regulation                10-80%
(In cooler mode)
Max. Output power:           35W
Operating Temperature:     +4 to +22oC
Power:                              115 or 230V AC

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