Magnetic  stirrers 

These digitally controlled magnetic stirrers were originally designed for stirring solutions in standard 1 cm spectrometer cell.  With 12x12x7 mm remote solid state motor (SSM) they are ideally suited for this application. Electronic stirrers can also be used in many different special applications that may benefit from the absence of mechanical vibrations, low electromagnetic interference, stable stirring rate even at low speed*, small size and hermetic design of SSM.  Models MS-21A & B are similar but B version allow fine adjustment of the output power.  Some users find it helpful when extremely gentle stirring is required. Model MS-22A has RH-50 type SSM integrated into the control unit and two outputs for external SSM**.  It can be used as a regular magnetic stirrer for up to 500 ml volumes atop of a control unit, and also as a stirrer for special applications with remote SSM. High efficiency of these stirrers allow the use of batteries as a power source for complete elimination of 50-60 Hz interference or for use in the mobile laboratories.  Battery power supply (Part # BP4D) for 4 D size batteries need to be ordered separately.  Standard power supply (120 V AC to 6-9 V DC wall transformer) is included.  If you need one for 220-240V, please add US $15.00 to the price of control unit.


MS-23 stirrer controller is integrated into 120V AC wall transformer enclosure.  This unit does not take any bench space at all, just an available AC outlet close to the place were stirring is required.

* - Due to the discrete switching of the magnetic field, stable rotation require the right size of a stirring bar and flat flask bottom.
**- Please note that external SSM are NOT included with control units and must be ordered separately.  All controllers are capable to drive any SSMs listed below.

Control Unit MS-21A,B MS-22A MS-23
Dimensions 1.5"x 5"x 5" 2" x 4"x 6" 1.5"x2.7"x3.5"
Number of output connectors for SSM. 2 2 1
Integrated SSM  No Yes No
Stirring speed (rpm) 60-600 60-600 60-600
Remote SSM RH-12 RH-12M   RH-15 RH-25T RH-50, RH-50T
Dimensions (mm) 12x12x7 12x12x15   15x15x20 25x25x20 50x50x20
Recommended size of stirring bars (mm) 3-6 3-6   3-8  6-12  15-25 
Max. distance between SSM & Stir. bar. (mm)* 4 (5x3) 6 (5x3)   10 (5x3) 18 (8x2) 10 (20x7)

"T" indexed SSM are similar to the original, but have M4 or M6 mounting hole, bottom center.
* - In water, at 200-300 rpm.  Size of stirring bar used in tests is given in brackets (length x diameter).

MS-24  BLM illuminating and stirring unit combines battery powered magnetic stirrer and LED light source. It is designed for placement inside of a Faraday cage, thus eliminating not only all external sources of electromagnetic interference that may enter cage trough outside wires but also noises associated with AC powered power supply.   It includes: lighting/stirring controller, power supply module, RH-12M stirrer motor, and LED light source.  With an optional mounting bracket and an extra faceplate (Part # MSK-24) the controller could be attached to one of  Faraday cage walls, with switches and potentiometers accessible from outside.  

One set of average AA batteries is sufficient for about eight hours of stirring or 50 hours of BLM illumination.

Low Speed Magnetic Stirrers
This stirrers are designed for special applications that require stable slow stirring.  In most stirrers magnet is driven directly by a standard electric motor which cannot provide stable slow rotation even with  electronic stabilization circuits.  MS-30 stirrers have geared motor that provide high torque output and stable rotation at low speed.  These units are well suited for stirring of high viscosity liquids and for other applications when gentle, slow stirring is required.
Part # MS-30


 Model MS-30* MS-30A
Speed 4-6 rpm  30 rpm
Dimensions 100x150x55 mm (6"x 4"x 2")
Power 3-5 VA @ 120 or 240V AC

* - Discontinued.  Available only as a special order.


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