Arc lamp PSU
Many standard power supplies have excellent output characteristics but produce significant electromagnetic noise.  Our linear lamp power supplies are specially designed to to keep electromagnetic interference at minimum.  This make them an ideal power source for applications that require both high intensity illumination and high sensitivity electrical measurements.  It has built-in low interference lamp ignitor, variable output current, digital current/voltage meter.  Allows to set current for optimal illumination and maximum lamp lifetime. Originally PSU was designed to work with the commonly used 100 watt mercury arc lamp (HBO-100).  Should work with 50 watt mercury lamps as well.  Can also be used as a regulated power supply for 24V (up to 100W) or 12V (PS-100B up to 30W, PS-100BU up to 60 W) tungsten lamps. This make it a universal power source for many different types of lamps used in different light sources.  Occasionally you can use it to charge your car battery.  Dimensions: 10x17x30 cm.
Part Number: PS-100B, PS-100BU

Arc Lamp Mode
PS-100B, PS-100BU
12V Tungsten Lamp Mode
Current range   0- 4.5A 0-5A
Max. voltage at 4.5-5 A load  24 V 13 V
Max. voltage without load  27 V 16 V
Max. lamp power  100 W 60 W
Ripple current  < 0.1 % < 1.5 %
Dimensions: .......................  130x200x300 mm
Weight  (lb./kg)...................  11/5
Power ............................... Factory set 110 V or 220 V on request.

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