Samovar Power Booster


Russian Samovar is an excellent conversation starter and sure way to impress your tea party guests.   Unfortunately, a Real Russian electric Samovar requires 220-240 volt AC to make tea fast.  It will work with 120 volt AC, with cheap plug adapter but it will take about an hour to boil three quarts of water and your guests may become hungry, or even worse - bored.  One way to prevent this from happening is to remind them that Putin is the root of all Russia-related problems and keep conversation on this topic up to the boiling point. Another way is to buy transformer that convert 120 into 220 voltage.  However, transformers that can handle 1000 watts of power are not only heavy and bulky but also quite expensive.  Samovar-2X Power Booster is an affordable solution for Russian power problem.  While it does not provide full 220 volt AC power, it converts US standard 120 volt AC into 160-170 volt DC that provide about two times more power to water-heating element.  As a result, time required to reach boiling temperature is reduced from one hour to a reasonable 30 minutes.  Samovar-2X also can be used with other 220-240 volt appliances: irons, lamps, tea and coffeemakers*.  Three modifications are available:  SAM-2 - Plug-in model (image in the middle); SAM-21 - similar to SAM-2 but with ~3 feet AC cord (left image); SAM-23A - advanced version with three power levels**, power on indicator lamp, and a sockets suitable for Russian standard plugs (right image).  


Input:                                        120 V, AC, 5A (max.), US standard plug

Output:                                     160-170 V, DC, USSR/Russia standard socket.

Maximum power rating of

connected 220 V device:           1000 watt.

Maximum power provided

to 220 V, 1000 watt device:        600 watt.

Dimensions-SAM-2; SAM-21  5x7x10 cm (2" x 3" x 4")

                              SAM-23A:   4x7x11 cm  (1.5" x 3" x 4") 

* - Should never be used with devices that have transformers, motors or electronic components (Audio/video, drills, phone chargers etc.)

** - High power is same as in other models.  Medium power is convenient when you are in no rush to get water boiling and low power allow to keep water hot and ready to be served.  

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