Bilingual Keyboard Systems

     Computer keyboards used for input in two languages display two characters on each key. To facilitate character recognition by operator, distinct different colors are often used for each set of characters.  Even in this case, switching from one character set to another require significant mental efforts from the operator, slow down typing, and often results in errors.   Our invention* solve this problem. A lamp with high efficiency super bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) generate light wavelengths that closely match color of the letters on a keyboard.   When keys are illuminated with red light, red symbols virtually disappear and green or blue ones increase in contrast.  When it is necessary to type in other language, just click the switch and visibility of symbols is reversed.

Images below illustrate actual contrast changes under  red, white, and blue illumination from BL-1 lamp

Similar set of images for red, white, and green illumination from RGB-1 lamp



If you have a regular desktop lamp and like your keyboard, you only need to place stickers (SG-1 or SB-1)* on a keyboard and install RGB-1 lamp instead of a standard white.  Alternatively, you can select lamp, keyboard and accessories from the list here: http...  BL-1/GL-1 lamps are powered from a computer USB port and have standard USB-A plug on ~40 cm cord (this length is sufficient to reach USB port in most notebook computers).  Both lamps drain less than 0.2 ampere current, that is safe for all USB ports, and cause very minor decrease in battery runtime.  Desktop users may need USB extension cable (Part # EC-1 or EC-3) or may choose to power lamp from AC wall transformer (Part # WT-5).  Many modern cell phone chargers have mini USB plug, if you have one of those you can add adapter (Part # UA-1) and use this charger as the lamp power source.  



 * -  Color coded bilingual keyboard stickers are printed on a white plastic film with protective layer and strong adhesive backing.  Currently only English/Russian/Ukrainian stickers are in stock.  For other languages we offer blank white stickers (Part # SX-0) that you can label with letters of your choice.  Also, our partners in Ukraine have state of art printing equipment, and will be happy to print keyboard labels with any languages combination at a reasonable price.  Please send inquires to


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