DHR-1 dehumidifier is created on a basis of portable thermoelectric refrigerator and can be converted from one function to another in less than a minute.  It is designed for a small to medium size boat or RV.  As a refrigerator it can hold up to six cans of soda or beer.  When necessary, shelf in the middle is replaced with plastic plate that hold small fan, connected, through a splitter, to a refrigerator DC power.  With door partly closed, this fan direct outside air to cool inner surface of the unit.  Two risers attached to front legs, tilt unit backward, so that water condensate is collected in the corner were drainage tube is located.  Included: Thermoelectric refrigerator, 120 V AC power supply, 12 V cigarette lighter adapter cable, fan, two risers and drain tube extender.


Cooling power:                    20 C (~33 F) below room temperature
   Outside                             18x25x27 cm (7" x 10" x 11")
   Inside                                13x13x20 cm (5"x5"x8")
   Power supply                    7x9x13 cm (2.5" x 3.5" x 5")
Power                                 ~35 VA from 120V AC to 12V DC transformer (included).    

Charging Cables


Another great product for boat/RV users.  These Charging Cables allow you to charge boat/RV battery and/or keep onboard refrigerator cool while driving to a lake, ocean or camping.  With them you do not have to worry that battery was not charged before trip or about having warm beer at the end of the road.   Just plug standard male cigarette lighter connectors on one end into your vehicle socket and another end into a socket in a towed unit.  Cables available in several standard sizes and can be custom made at your request.*  While use of a standard vehicle socket is the easiest way for providing power to the unit in tow, it may be more convenient to have auxiliary socket in the rear bumper.   SLS-1 socket come with 90 cm (~3 ft) wires, installation instructions and hardware for mounting and electrical connections** 

Part # Description Cable length (feets/meters)
ECC-25 Charging Cable 25/7.5
ECC-18 Charging Cable 18/5.4
SCC-25 Charging Cable 25/7.5
SCC-18 Charging Cable 18/7.5
SLS-1 Auxiliary Socket  N/A

* - For the best efficiency select cable length that is just 1-2 feet longer than the minimum required.   "E" cables (approx 16 AWG wire) work fine for units that do not have onboard refrigerator and provide up to 3-4 A charging current to the battery.  "S"  cables (14 or 12 AWG wire) provide faster battery charge and are recommended for boats/RV that have onboard refrigerator.

** - Drill bits and wire crimp tool are not included.  Instructions cover common case of getting power from an active trailer lights controller.  If no such present, a more complex job that require laying the power line from a car battery, is better be left for professionals.

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